The two part documentary looks at the details of the case itself and just what Hillary was subjected to during and after the trial. HBO Max with Amazon Prime: Can you still bundle the two streaming services? A Wilderness of Error re-investigates the complicated case that has spanned decades in an attempt to find the truth. This three-part true crime documentary series dissects and inspects theories, secrets, trials, and interviews surrounding the case. The altercation led to Dunn opening fire on the teenagers car. Want to dig into more real crimes involving The Real Housewives? In late 2019, "Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda" began its ninth and final season on ID but Hulu now lets you binge-watch previous episodes. 10 The Keepers (2017) 'The Keepers' is a dark, disturbing investigation into the unsolved murder of a nun named Sister Catherine Cesnik. It goes into massive detail about this incredible scam run amok. And Hulu offers some of the best crime shows and moves available. Leave No Trace tells the stories of the 82,000+ men that stepped forward against an age-old organization that failed to protect its young members. Long Island is no stranger to tragic and controversial events, one of the most famous being the Amityville murders of the 70s. examines the life of the Sad! rapper and the violence, mental health struggles, and pure talent that surrounded him before his untimely death at just 20 years old. Tinder users like Cecilie Fjellhy, one of his victims, matched up with a charming, good-looking, wealthy businessman. "Girl in the Picture" unfolds slowly as it works backward, piecing together the complicated identity of Hughes and her disturbing relationship with her dangerous husband. It also raises the question: Was Ulbricht the true founder of Silk Road, or are there others pulling the cyberspace strings? While working as a fringe investigative journalist in the 1990s, David Holthouse was privy to an odd and frightening night in the remote forests of Northern California. Hunting JonBents Killer: The Untold Story. Streaming services continue to produce their own documentaries or have documentaries available for streaming andarguablythe most popular subgenre of documentaries is true crime. One of the streaming platform's newest documentaries to make waves is Changing. Currently available on Amazon Prime, "Tales of The Grim Sleeper" showcases the story of Lonnie David Franklin Jr. AKA The Grim Sleeper. The true-crime Hulu series . Erik tells all about the abuse he and his brother endured throughout their life. The docuseries tells the story of Hernandezs life, his career in the NFL, and the events that led to his arrest and conviction for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Intrigued? Told by some of the people who helped promote and set up the 2017 non-starter of an event, "Fyre Fraud" is both a step-by-step account of how everything that could go wrong did, as well as a true crime documentary unveiling just how much of an intricate and bold scam the whole thing may have been. She was arrested after a routine traffic stop in Texas and found dead by hanging in her jail cell a few days later. Watch Dee Dee and Gypsys story from the beginning with the Hulu Original biopic series, The Act. Regional restrictions, blackouts and additional terms apply. Loaded with actual footage and images of the shocking events, with actual audio recordings and sobering testimonials. Mumbai Mafia: Police Vs. Victoria's Secret: Angels and Demons is a Hulu Original documentary uncovering the hidden dark side of VS's light pink illusion that led to the retail giant's downfall. RELATED: 10 Of The Best Crime Docuseries (According To IMDb). Peacock clearly understood just how fascinating Gacy is which is why they released "John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise" in 2021. She continuously misleads police while they try to find the 3-year-old girl. But it isn't just Netflix as various platforms and streaming services have made true crime a consistent part of their content output. Despite the truth of their operation being exposes LuLaRoe is still very much an active business. Hulu 2 Yusuf Hawkins: Storm Over Brooklyn When Yusuf Hawkins, an African American teen was shot and killed by an angry white mob in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, it sent shockwaves throughout the Black. Ted Bundy: Mind of a Monster uses new and exclusive testimonies from Bundys friends and family to discover what really goes on inside the mind of a monster. Power." (Oxygen) Released in December 2021, this 90-minute documentary. 45 Best True Crime Documentaries Streaming In 2023. In this four-part adaptation of the true crime memoir "The Most Dangerous Animal of All," Gary L. Stewart attempts to identify and locate the biological parents who gave him up for adoption. Festival advertising promised attendees a luxury experience with access to high-profile celebrities and delivered the extreme opposite. Two police detectives do everything they can to stop the killerbut can they catch someone who seems to attack at random? See what documentaries are on Hulu with PlayPilot - the ultimate guide that helps you find the best movies and shows across streaming services. The couple claims they were robbed and betrayed, while others believe the couple intentionally released the footage for fame. Hunting JonBents Killer: The Untold Story follows Elizabeth Vargas as she tracks down new leads and DNA evidence. New True Crime Documentaries on Hulu God Forbid The Falwells are a prominent family in the Evangelical Christian community. John Wayne Gacy is among history's more notorious serial killers. Based on the famous Hasbro board game, the contest promised various large cash prizes none of which were ever won legitimately. While the worst was predicted by many, Steven was actually living with his captors, forgetting most details of his old life and old family, and he was reunited at the age of 14. The 22 Best True-Crime Documentaries Streaming on Hulu Right Now. American Murder: The Family Next Doortells the story of Shanann Watts and her children, who went missing in 2018 in Colorado. "Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami" - a six part Netflix documentary series - tells the story of Sal Magluta and Willy Falcon. In 2021, the Boy Scouts of America reached the largest sexual assault settlement in United States history$2.7 billion. Viewers learn about Algarads string of previous incidents with the law he was accused of attempting to strangle his mother to death and was charged as an accessory to a murder for hiding a suspect in his home and detouring police investigation. The series showcases their reign as drug kingpins of Miami from their rise to the top to their eventual fall. This three-episode documentary series explores the psyche of Anthony leading up to the events of . Ill Be Gone in the Darkis a six-part series based on the book of the same name by Michelle McNamara. When the court reached a verdict in 1996, the brothers were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He was arrested on October 5, 2014 with his fianc, Amber Burch. The documentary utilizes reenactments of what potentially happened based on trial transcripts, audio, and news coverage. Sasquatch follows David as he revisits the Redwoods 25 years later, in search of any evidence that might lead to the truth of what happened that night. Deception. It's a fascinating and stylistic look at a decades old case that still has people debating the innocence of Jeffrey MacDonald. Murder Mountain (2018) 6.9/10. Shamblin was the founder of the Weigh Down Workshop and the Remnant Fellowship, a bizarre mishmash of spiritual and dietary guidelines. Hulu's latest true crime docuseries isn't just an intimate deep dive into how one family's darkest moments became national news. Discover how Jeffrey Dahmer went from a quiet and shy young kid to one of the worlds most notorious serial killers in the documentary Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster. It is a super deep, detailed, though often very speculative, investigation of serial killer Israel Keyes. Check out the, Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story, to binge where that came from. Serpicowas a dramatized version of his story starring Al Pacino, which was pretty accurate but still fictionalized for the movie, and this documentary aims to allow the subject to tell the truth about everything. The title is based upon Michael's claim that a drunken Kathleen has fallen down the stairs resulting in her death. But, was it the truth? Watch: Keeper of the Ashes: The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders. Its the entertainment company you know, the drugs, arson, and murder you dont. Whether you want to learn more about a high-profile case or watch a series with different true-crime cases, Hulu free trial: How to get Hulu for 30-days free right now. Live for the adrenaline rush of a spine-tingling story? Best true crime documentaries on HBO Max Credit: hbo max Directed and produced by Kate Davis and David Heilbroner, The Cheshire Murders chronicles a horrific home invasion that devastated a. "Evil Genius" details the death of Brian Wells, which occurred during what many refer to as the "pizza bomber" case. Being a true crime fan has gone from being a small niche interest to a widespread hobby for many people. "Audrie & Daisy" tells the tragic story of teenagers Audrie Pott and Daisy Coleman. While visiting a pot farm in Northern California in 1993, investigative journalist David Holthouse heard a story that still haunts him: On a nearby farm three men were torn limb from limb in a savage Bigfoot attack. 1. "Fyre Fraud" unravels the inside story of the infamous Fyre Festival's spectacular collapse. An inside look at one of the most fascinating true crime tragedies of the century. Everyone from average citizens to celebrities like the Kardashians was invested in the case of Anthony, who was on trial for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. The documentary does a good job at showcasing Carmichael's rise prominence while also spotlighting her various identities, marriages and legal issues. recounts the events leading up to and following (as it turned out, non-existent) Fyre music festival. If you hadn't heard of these shocking events, then it would benefit you to give it a watch. Start Your Free Trial New subscribers only. Perkins chronicles the gut-wrenching story of Andys disappearance as she searches for answers in the case of her missing childhood friend. Genre Documentary, Crime. Untouchable gives an inside look at the rise and fall of Harvey Weinstein, as well as the scandal that sparked a movement. Discover stories like God Forbid, Mommy Dead and Dearest, I Love You, Now Die, and more docs covering some of the most notorious crimes of our time. Follow what has become known as one of the most visible murder cases of all time from the initial search to the final verdict. Learn more about the little-known crime surrounding The Chippendales in the new Hulu biopic, Welcome to Chippendalesavailable to stream Tuesday, November 22. The documentary features interviews from Rob and Chriss family members, who speculate what happened to her. The title of "The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker" makes it sound like a horror movie or a spooky campfire story. Despite massive search efforts, Andy was never found. Clocking in at two seasons, the series is a meticulously researched and tightly edited look at the failings of the justice system. The streaming service has a wealth of solid crime-related shows and movies that will satisfy anyone who can list the moststudied serial killers of the 20th century. 5.1. We recommend our users to update the browser. tells the story of 10-year-old Andy Puglisi, who went missing in August 1976 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The true-crime series, which originally launched in. The murder of JonBent Ramsey is one of the most notorious cold cases in American history. His crimes are made even more disturbing when you learn he was a beloved and trusted member of his community. Sarma Melngailis used to run Pure Food and Wine, a highly regarded New York City restaurant where everything on the menu was both completely free of meat and animal products and organic too. takes a look at the seedy underbelly of the worlds black markets. Whether you want to learn more about a high-profile case or watch a series with different true-crime cases, Hulu is the best place to find what youre looking for. Heres a list of the best crime documentaries on Hulu. The documentary discusses the details of the case, how it became so sensationalized in the media, and how both Levin and Cambers reputations were presented to the worldand how those presentations influenced the case. This was a notorious case that rocked the public in August 1986. From 1984 to 2007 in Los Angeles, California, the Grim Sleeper claimed ten victims taking a break from 1988 to 2002. Watch on. He insinuated himself into the lives of her friends as a spiritual guide and wise mentor. Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery provides a first-hand account of Anthonys parents along with new revelations about this iconic criminal case. She believes shes saving lives, but ex-believers beg to differ. "I'll Be Gone in the Dark" centers around the Golden State Killer, a man who terrorized California throughout the 1970s and 1980s and eluded capture for decades. True crime stories have overtaken practically every medium. That's what this documentary is here to find out, by untangling the intersection between media, crime, perception, and notoriety. Where does the truth lie? Nearly three weeks after she went missing, her body was found floating in the water tank on the hotels roof. And, , to new series exclusively available to Hulu subscribers, like. The documentary had actually been in production prior to Epstein's death and even his arrest having been made in secret to avoid any complications. Cant decide what to watch first? Consenting to these technologies will allow us to process data such as browsing behavior or unique IDs on this site. In 2013, Kai McGillvary, a self-identified "home-free" nomad, became a viral sensation after saving a woman from a deadly assault and giving a colorful TV interview. RELATED: The Most Notorious Criminals in Every State. It's a fascinating and sobering look at not only the rise of the Slenderman mythos, but also at an unfortunate crime. The Netflix series devotes an entire episode to the crash . "Mind Over Murder" follows the case from its beginnings, through the trials and into the present day, with the population of Beatrice still so fractured by the matter that it stages a documentary theater project to work out their feelings. Woody Allen's alleged sexual abuse of his daughter had been a well known topic well before this HBO documentary series came out. The Seven Five discusses the story of Michael Dowd, a former NYPD officer who led a life of crime while patrolling the streets of Brooklyn in the 1980s. This documentary interviews the real Frank Serpico and allows him to tell his story in his own words. Davis and three of his friends pulled into a gas station in Jacksonville, Florida in November 2012. This HBO documentary, which is available to stream on Hulu, documents the odd events surrounding Sandra Bland's arrest and death. Neon. Two teenage girls,Morgan Geyser and AnissaWeier, took the legend seriously, lured their friend into the woods, stabbed her, left her for dead, and the two left the woods attempting to find Slenderman. provides a first-hand account of Anthonys parents along with new revelations about this iconic criminal case. Also detailed in the documentary is the topic of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, how DeeDee was a textbook case of it, and how Gypsy was a victim of it. Stream this and more documentaries about musicians. The documentary details how the duo stabbed their friend Payton Leutner 19 times and left her for dead in the woods. There's plenty of fire joining the best documentaries in Hulu's library, which now include an Academy Award-nominated love story involving a volcano and a documentary about a police incident. John Wayne Gacy is one of the most infamous serial killers in American history. It's a story you'd swear sounded 100% like Hollywood fiction, but it's real, and this documentary discusses it from every unbelievable angle. Investigators and witnesses recall this frightening time, how the investigation unfolded, and how these brutal events sent shockwaves through England. From Forensic Files to Making A Murderer to Tiger King, it is clear this genre is here to stay. Watch Dee Dee and Gypsys story from the beginning with the Hulu Original biopic series, Follow along with Michelle and Conrads entire story by streaming the. If you have yet to hear the story of Kathleen Peterson's death, then this expertly crafted documentary will provide you with ample information. Led by acclaimed investigative journalist, Mariana van Zeller, the new docuseries Trafficked takes a look at the seedy underbelly of the worlds black markets. Then Melngailis fell in love and married Shane Fox and brought him into the business. The documentary, for the sake of dramatic pacing, doesn't reveal the truth of Chris Watts the father having committed the murders until the latter half of the film. Be aware that your file size will increase. Start streaming crime documentaries on Hulu now to make your way through the lengthy list of options, and dont forget to check out these top 5 true-crime documentaries! Theres more where that came from. The Menendez Murders: Erik Tells All is an A&E special about Erik and Lyle Menendez who murdered their parents.This true-crime documentary is the first to have audio of one of the brothers (Erik Menendez) explaining the events that lead up to the pair fatally shooting their parents. The couple claims they were robbed and betrayed, while others believe the couple intentionally released the footage for fame. The documentary shows the case from start to finish and features phone calls made by Anthony's mother, Cindy. Catalans lawyer goes on a wild goose chase for the footageif he doesnt find it, an innocent man goes to jail. If you're a member of the media, and don't have access, please contact to request a login. Eager to follow investigators along the road to justice? And then there's the extra, alarming wrinkle of how the 2-year-old son of Hughes disappeared, along with his father, after that car accident. Viewers learn about Algarads string of previous incidents with the law he was accused of attempting to strangle his mother to death and was charged as an accessory to a murder for hiding a suspect in his home and detouring police investigation. Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandezfollows the story of Aaron Hernandez, who went from being a professional football player to a convicted killer. Starring Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon, Boston Strangler tells the true story of two intrepid female reporters who battled misogyny to "connect the Boston Strangler murders," per Hulu. Then, the filmmakers hire a bounty hunter to find Smith, and hopefully allow his victims to bring him to justice. Its no secret that Joe Exotic, aka The Tiger King, thinks so. Morgan Nick's disappearance is the subject of a new four-part series on Hulu that looks into the story of the missing girl from Alma, Arkansas. 12 Best Documentaries on Hulu Right Now. The story of Gwen Shamblin is one packed to the brim with deceit, toxic behavior, and rampant controversy. In the world of documentary filmmaking there is perhaps no name more respected than Ken Burns, and for good reason. Want to dig into more real crimes involving. Truly one of the most devastating true crime documentaries ever produced, . The culprit guilty of murdering this 6-year-old pageant princess in her family home remains a mystery to this day. But the tragic story that more should know about is the 1992 murder of William Ford at the hands of a mechanic named Mark P. Reilly. RELATED: 13 of the Most Bizarre True Stories That Became Documentaries. The film examines the case of two 12-year-old girls who lured their friend into the Wisconsin woods and attempted to kill her to appease Slenderman, a fictional Internet boogeyman. The amount of detail presented is impressive and thorough, and the series' stellar editing makes for a great watch. Mumbai Mafia: Police Vs. When one brother goes missing and returns seven years later, the media creates a frenzy and causes more harm than good. Gypsy Rose may have murdered her mom, Dee Dee Blanchardbut only because she was being confined and tortured at the hands of her own mother. Currently streaming on Hulu, "The Blood is at the Doorstep" is about an award-winning documentary about a family's emotional quest for answers in the murder of Dontre Hamilton, a 31-year-old. Whether the crime is financial or violent documentaries present the facts to their audience in an engaging way that makes for a great viewing experience. Kelly Kuehn is an associate editor for Readers Digest covering entertainment, trivia and history. This is a case that outraged the nation as it unfolded. Scotts calm and collected demeanor did not sit well with Modesto police nor the public. Best of Enemies. Get ready for a documentary filled with shock, deception, and murder. Hands down the best true-crime show on television, See No Evil originated as an ID show and now, its seven seasons are available for streaming on Discovery+.Each episode follows a true-crime case . Elizabeth Vargas, the host of the A&E special, sits down for an interview with JonBenets father, Jon Ramsey. Born on the Something Awful forums of the 2010s, Slenderman quickly became a widespread symbol of homegrown internet horror. America treated the trial as if it were a television drama as everyone watched the court case details spread across every media outlet. Cooper" doesn't explore the crime itself, so much as the legend of the hijacker. [09/24/21 - 01:00 PM] New Hulu Original "Wild Crime," A Docuseries from ABC News, Chronicles Criminal Investigations Within the National Park System Through the Eyes of Its Special Agents and Rangers His high-profile kidnapping case captivated the region, but things took a major turn when it was revealed the area spoiler alert if you want to stay relatively in the dark had also been terrorized by Steven's brother, Cary, by all accounts a vicious serial killer. Through commentary from family, friends, and exes. If you're looking to get lost down a rabbit hole (or two), here are 30 true. In 2010, an adult man named Larry Ray moved into his daughter's dorm. Advertisement Killing for Love (Sundance and Hulu, 2016) Courtesy WSLS Elizabeth Hayson and Jens Soering When privilege, romance, and murder collide, the results can be gory, but impossible to look away from. is an A&E special about Erik and Lyle Menendez who murdered their parents. Of course, the titular swindler isn't really a rich power player but by the time Fjellhy (and the man's many other victims) figured that out, he'd stolen a lot of their money through a series of subtle and sophisticated deceptions. He recounts the confusion and frustration of never finding his daughters killer, but still remains hopeful that one day the mystery will be solved. "Making a Murderer" is one of the most noteworthy true crime docuseries of the past few years. Cast Kerry Ireland, John Gordon, Billy Honsal. 3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets is an award-winning documentary that covers the murder of 17-year-old Jordan Davis. It's a meta approach for a true crime documentary but this must-watch series is also unlike anything you will have seen before. The siege was the biggest gunfight on American soil since the Civil . In the mid-80s, Salt Lake City found itself rocked by a series of bombings carried by Mark Hofmann. Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mysterychronicles the death of two-year-old Caylee Anthony, who lived with her mother, Casey Anthony, and her maternal grandparents in Orlando, Florida. The six people originally convicted of murdering Wilson are suddenly exonerated decades after the crime. She was also convicted for committing one of the most notorious acts of criminal fraud in history. Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery. These shows will have you on the edge of your seat as you get a deep dive into the crimes. Today, we'll look into the best ones to check out. Public outrage reached an all-time high with this case spread across media outlets and even more so when Casey was acquitted of the first-degree murder charge in July 2011. If youre looking to get lost down a rabbit hole (or two), here are 30 true crime documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming platforms guaranteed to make your jaw drop and head spin. Durst is cold and aloof as he recounts the disappearance of his wife, his close friend's murder (right before she planned to tell police Durst killed his wife), and the fact that he managed to escape justice for a while, anyway. Hes believed to have fled after these brutal events, and 20 years later, police are still looking for clues on his whereabouts. Real estate heir Robert Durst's attorneys kept him out of prison for years, despite overwhelming evidence and an admission of guilt that he committed multiple murders. "The Jinx" is a fascinating, unsettling character study, made all the more unnerving when Durst basically incriminates himself. National, regional and sports network channels, True crime documentaries have taken on a whole new level of interest in recent years. True crime, cult exposs, celebrity profiles, nature frolics, and gripping digests about piping-hot controversies routinely rank among Netflix and Hulu's most-watched films, and documentarians . That's why we scoured Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video to find the best true crime documentaries you need to see this month. Keeper of the Ashes: The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders. The film first debuted at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, but would achieve a widespread release later that year on Netflix. French televsion producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier was murdered outside her vacation property in the winter of 1996. There are so many intense crime documentaries on Hulu for you to sit back and binge on your 30-day free trial, or monthly plan. Her death was ruled a suicide, but many have wondered what the exact details of this case were and if this is the truth. and you all know security is mortals' chiefest enemy analysis, harris wofford joint service award,